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Guidelines are various procedures that should be followed. The whole community and the project will benefit by being more consistent, efficient, collaborative, and rewarding.

Background orientation

See other orientation guides.


Development management

Other statements and policies

Code of Conduct

Refer to the Wiki FOLIO Code of Conduct.

Acceptable Use Policy

Refer to the Wiki FOLIO Acceptable Use Policy.

Safe Harbor Statement

As an open source project, FOLIO ( relies on contributions from the community and this includes discovering defects and potential security flaws.

As a result FOLIO may refrain from bringing any legal action against anyone who makes a good faith effort to use or test FOLIO in accordance with our Acceptable Use Policy. More specifically, we may, in our sole discretion, waive any restrictions in our Acceptable Use Policy for the limited purpose of your security research for the betterment of the FOLIO project. This may include any claim under the DMCA for circumventing technological measures to protect the services and applications eligible under this policy.

We understand that FOLIO software will be installed on various organizations’ systems and will be interconnected with third-party systems and services. While we can authorize your research on FOLIO’s systems and services, and promise that FOLIO may refrain from bringing or threatening litigation against you for your efforts under this policy, we cannot authorize efforts on any other organization’s systems or on third-party products or guarantee they won’t pursue legal action against you.

Please contact us at before engaging in conduct that may be inconsistent with or unaddressed by this policy. We reserve the sole right to make the determination of whether a violation of this policy is accidental or in good faith, and proactive contact to us before engaging in any action is a significant factor in that decision. If in doubt, ask us first!

And, you are expected, as always, to comply with all laws applicable to you.