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This is the home for developers building FOLIO – a new open source library system. “The Future of Libraries is Open”.

At the heart of FOLIO is an open source, cloud-based application framework that is designed to support collaboration among development teams. It is also designed to enable vendors, libraries, tenants, and users to configure their experience to an unprecedented level. We see FOLIO as an “innovation platform” in which librarians and software developers can work together to imagine and create new kinds of library services.

We invite developers with an interest in looking under the hood at what is coming along, or even better, developers interested in building it with us. We will be continually releasing code and gradually adding features. We can use help testing, exploring, and stretching the platform. You can help us shape the core of the system.

This website brings together the documentation and links that software developers will need to participate in FOLIO.

We hope you will join FOLIO and help us shape the future of libraries! We invite you to provide feedback and explore ideas with us. Join the community and conversation over at

The FOLIO Project is grateful for the support of contributors, other open source projects, and commercial providers.