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Start with introduction to user interface and the client-side source code repositories.

That leads to the Stripes documentation and overview of the main docs, and necessary background understanding. That overview leads to various other documentation, including the stripes-components (with its accompanying Storybook generated documentation) and stripes-smart-components – both have documentation in their “lib” directory for each component. Also consider that for some Stripes components, it might be suitable to use a Stripes plugin.

The foundation described in The Stripes Module Developer’s Guide is necessary for developing UI modules using Stripes.

Watch the Stripes overview presentation.

Then follow Wiki Developing UI Modules with Stripes and Creating a new development setup for Stripes and the Stripes: quick start and the guide to Running a local FOLIO system for guidance to establish your local FOLIO work environment.

Then move on to creating a real module with the help of stripes-cli and in particular the App development section.

The Commence a module - structure and configuration guide explains a consistent layout for a front-end module, together with the guidelines to Create a new FOLIO module and do initial setup.

The guide to User experience design provides guidelines and tools for building accessible apps.

Refer to How to run tests prior to commit for brief explanation and links to testing facilities.