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The FOLIO wiki contains the project roadmap.

Code of Conduct

Refer to the Wiki FOLIO Code of Conduct.

Collaboration tools

Some of the important forums to collaborate, discuss FOLIO, interact with other participants, and find starting points for documentation.

Forum Purpose Notes Position papers, roadmaps, meeting agendas and minutes, Special Interest Group (SIG) spaces, other guidelines. How to | Join at Issues front page (same account as Issues) Developer documentation. Also leads to documentation at each repository. How to The issue tracking and bug tracking system. How to | Join at front page | Guidelines The source-code repositories are via GitHub. How to | List of repos | Contributing Real-time chat is via Slack. How to | Join
Other secondary communication channels. How to

Governance Model

Refer to the Wiki FOLIO Governance Model.


Since commencing in mid-2016 the FOLIO project continues to grow.

Some contact points for the communities:


There are many ways to contribute to FOLIO development, for example:

  • Contributing directly to software development.
  • Engaging with the issue tracker.
  • Joining the conversations.
  • Participating in Special Interest Groups.