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FOLIOForums are facilitated by The Open Library Environment (OLE) which provides notice of upcoming events and forums, and recordings of past ones. There are details about each event and additional materials such as slide-decks.

Events are also listed at the FOLIO Trello board, at the FOLIO News, and the FOLIO Blog. The latter includes the weekly project updates.

Many FOLIO recordings and presentations are available at the Open Library Foundation video YouTube channel (sorted by most recent).

One recent example

Selected others

Some other presentations (sorted by most recent). Note that some might be out-of-date and maybe still useful.

  • Stripes overview presentation conducted by John Coburn to introduce the folijet EPAM team. Onboarding overview of Stripes, the front-end framework of FOLIO. The accompanying slides. (2018 August)

Preparation materials

FOLIO Graphics and Branding Resources