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The FOLIO UX documentation site showcases the current UX designs, provides guidelines and tools for building accessible apps, and suggestions for the future of FOLIO.

Some starting points are:

  • About – The vision of FOLIO and outline of concepts.

  • Prototypes – The UX lifecycle of using FOLIO.

  • Guidelines – FOLIO design guidelines. Standards for consistency and unified experience. Includes detailed information about how to design an app, what layout and component to choose from, what type of patterns are available, component links to Storybook and direct to the relevant stripes-components at GitHub.

  • Accessibility checklist – Ensure that your FOLIO app, component, and patterns are accessible and continue to meet “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)”.

  • Assets – A library of components and tools. Provides an icon builder. Provides an accessibility checker tool (“aXe”) as a Chrome extension, to assist with analyzing an app to detect accessibility issues and suggest fixes.