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This document defines the checklists for creating and reviewing various types of pull-request (PR).

Also refer to Development, design, and review processes and to the additional Wiki Pull Request Guidelines.

Backend pull request checklist

  • Do the changes meet the intended purpose described in the feature or story?
  • Do the tests reflect the change in behaviour?
    • Do the tests describe scenarios that are described in the story or feature?
    • Do the tests describe common failure or validation scenarios?
  • Has the API changed? (If yes, refer to the interface change checklist.)
    • Is the change compatibility breaking? (link to guidance) If yes, refer to the breaking interface change checklist.
  • Does the change alter or remove existing requests to other modules, or introduce new requests? (If yes, refer to external requests / dependencies checklist.)
  • Do the automated checks pass (e.g. tests, sonar, lint)?
  • Does each PR title reference a Jira issue for the correct project (at the beginning of the title)?
    • See the additional requirements at Wiki Pull Request Guidelines.
    • Note that the Jira ticket identifier slug must be upper-case with no spaces (e.g. FOLIO-2951). This enables automated linking from Jira.
    • Does that Jira ticket have a “Fix Version”?
  • Should the implementation version change (link to guidance)?
  • Are any of the library dependencies a snapshot or pre-release version?

Interface change checklist

  • Do the API description checks pass (e.g. api-lint)?
  • Do the JSON Schema checks pass (e.g. api-schema-lint)?
  • Has the interface version been updated?
    • In the ModuleDescriptor?
    • In the interface definition?
  • Do new properties follow standards and conventions (see guidance)?
    • Does the name describe the property specifically?
    • Is the name formatted correctly (e.g. camel case)?
    • Do they use the correct types (e.g. ID references should be UUIDs)?
    • Are server derived properties marked as read-only?
    • Does a new JSON object disallow additional properties?
    • Have the examples that are used in the RAML been updated?
    • Have the sample / reference records been updated?
  • Do new endpoints follow standards and conventions (see guidance)?
    • Is the path formatted correctly (e.g. hyphens separating words)?
    • Is the endpoint nested within another resource appropriately?
    • Does the endpoint have its own permission in the ModuleDescriptor?
    • Does that permission exist in the [module-name].all (e.g. circulation.all) permission set?
    • Does the endpoint have the correct module permissions?
    • Are there sample or reference records for the new endpoint?
  • Does the change fit in an existing interface or should a new interface be provided?
    • Is the current interface too large?
    • Do parts of the interface have different reasons to change?
    • Is a new endpoint experimental?

Interface compatibility breaking change checklist

Note: Only merge the breaking change pull request when all other compatibility pull requests are also ready to be merged.

  • Clearly mark the pull request as “Do not merge” (i.e. in PR title and description, by Label, or both) until all related PRs are ready.
  • Identify modules dependent upon the changed interface:
    • Using the relevant “Release planning spreadsheet”. These are pinned in the Slack #releases channel.
    • Using python script for checking against an existing environment, e.g. interface-dependents.
  • Are there Jira issues in the relevant project for each dependent module?
    • Do they contain the appropriate level of detail? Which endpoints/schemas changed, etc.
    • Do they block the issue which introduces the breaking change?
  • Are the Jira tickets under active development?
    • If not, contact the project’s PO and make sure that they are aware of the urgency.
  • Are pull requests raised to make each impacted module be compatible?
    • Have they been approved?

External requests / dependencies checklist

Use this when changes are made to a dependent interface, either when:

  • New features (e.g. new properties) of that interface are used;
  • Requests are added to, or removed from, the implementation of an endpoint;
  • Changes are needed for a breaking compatibility change in the interface.


  • Has the interface version been updated in the ModuleDescriptor?
    • Is it at least the interface version where the feature was introduced?
    • If the new version is a major change, can dual support be offered?
  • Are the dependent interface versions provided by another module?
  • Are the correct module permissions expressed on each endpoint that uses the interface?

Frontend pull request checklist

TODO: Add content.