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This FAQ explains some principles for finding and creating developer documentation.

Module documentation

FOLIO has many separate modules, each handling a certain facility. The main principle is that each group of developers will manage their documentation along with its source code. This is the location where its developers have ready access to facilitate revision control, and peer review, and care for their documentation. This also enables the documentation to be distributed together with each module version.

Some prime examples are Okapi and Stripes and Stripes Components.

The front-page README for each module will provide an overview, and link to further module documentation.

Each README will also link to their issue tracker project. So search there for in-progress documentation and suggestions.

Each module’s developers can increase visibility of module documentation.

This site has various general documentation focussed on developers and FOLIO development, and introduces and links to other relevant documentation and resources.

The various types of document here are: Guidelines (various procedures that should/must be followed), Guides (assistance with other topics), Tutorials (each tutorial is a set of related documents), and FAQs.

There are also automatically-generated indexes, such as the set of all API documentation and the Source-code map of modules.

To contribute new or updated documentation for, or raise Jira tickets, refer to the FAQs for Developer documentation.

Each FOLIO development team might have their own Wiki space where they maintain other developer documentation. Such documentation would be linked from their module documentation README.

Specifically each team has their “Definition of Done” (DoD) guidelines to support the Development, design, and review processes guidelines.

The Wiki also has other user-related documentation and settings for each FOLIO module. Developers can readily find this additional documentation via the Source-code map.

Use the Search facility to find local documentation on this site.

There are also notes for Other search and report facilities and example searches for finding specific module documentation at GitHub. Example searches are also provided for the FOLIO Wiki and the FOLIO Issue Tracker.

Note that the Search facility also indexes a specific set of important other documents. The search results will show these prepended with “Remote >>” to link directly to the remote content.