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This document is an overview about how to contribute to this FOLIO Developers website. For example, edits to existing documentation, new documents, or raising Jira tickets.

Refer to the set of FAQs regarding Developer documentation. In particular consider the principles about Where is developer documentation located.

How it works

Refer to the section About editing and publishing.

Editing existing docs

The FAQ for How to create a new document has general notes about the structure of the Markdown documents, sections, generated table-of-contents, permalinks, etc. (So those are not repeated here.)

All documents use GitHub Flavored Markdown GFM.

To locate the relevant existing document to edit, utilise the document URI (e.g. guides/api-lint and append the .md extension.

The set of FAQs are located in the _faqs directory, as explained.

Creating new docs

Follow the FAQs section for new Developer documentation.

Raising Jira tickets

See project FOLIO at the FOLIO issue tracker. We use the label “devweb” for items that relate to the software and facilities for building the website. We use the label “devdoc” for items that relate to documentation content.

Follow the instructions for General FOLIO DevOps tickets.