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Back-end Java-based modules can specify which build image to use during the Jenkins continuous integration builds.

Using Java 11

For projects that use Java 11:

  • In Jenkinsfile, add this to the “buildMvn” section: buildNode = 'jenkins-agent-java11'
  • In Dockerfile, use: FROM folioci/alpine-jre-openjdk11:latest
  • Additional upgrade notes for projects based on RAML Module Builder (RMB).

As some Java-based projects do not use the “buildMvn” pipeline, they can specify the agent node in their Jenkinsfile:

agent {
  node {
    label 'jenkins-agent-java11'

Using deprecated Java 8

Otherwise the default is currently Java 8:

  • In Jenkinsfile, no configuration is needed
  • In Dockerfile, use: FROM folioci/alpine-jre-openjdk8:latest

Note: All FOLIO modules should no longer use the deprecated Java 8 facilities (FOLIO-2926)