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When a Jenkins build job fails (for example when building the reference environments, or build-platform-complete-snapshot) then developers will need to investigate the Jenkins output logfile.

The following are some tips.

Visit Jenkins for the relevant job. For example, follow the “job” links for reference environment builds.

Select the relevant failed build from the left-hand panel “Build History” section (e.g. #847-folio-snapshot).

In its left-hand panel, select “View as plain text”. Then save the page to local, e.g. ~/Downloads/consoleText).

Now use ‘grep’ or some such to detect certain patterns:

cat ~/Downloads/consoleText | egrep "Connection refused:|Connection failure:|Incompatible version|Missing dependency:|Invalid URL path requested|no such image:|Timed out after waiting" > tmp1
cat ~/Downloads/consoleText | egrep "failed:|fatal:" > tmp2

Now inspect those temporary files.

Sometimes it is possible to strip away the leading text from the error message (up to “ansible_loop_var”) to leave only the JSON, then pretty-print with jq.

If it is a reference environment build, then can obtain specific module logs and okapi logs.

Report the problems to the relevant project issue tracker.