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Developers can obtain the Docker logfiles for backend modules from the reference environment daily builds.

Visit the self-service facility Jenkins job collect-reference-env-logs (and ensure Jenkins login).

Select “Build with Parameters” from its left-hand panel.

  • Define the host from which to fetch, e.g. folio-snapshot.
  • Declare the list of modules for which to gather their logs. (Note that okapi is also a module, so declare that if needed.)
  • Declare the Slack channel or Slack user to notify about the retrieval URL. For example notify yourself, or another person, or notify your team channel.
  • To notify a Slack user, specify the Slack “member ID” which can be found in the Slack user’s profile (under “More”). For example @U999FOOBAR

All members of folio-org are configured to run this job. The service creates a tar file containing the specified logs and uploads to an S3 bucket. A URL to retrieve the logs is returned via a Slack notification.