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These are some tips for finding ways to get involved with development and making contributions to the project.

At this stage of the project, the existing developers and teams know what their tasks are.

For other new developers, we know that finding some place to get involved is not easy. We do not yet have the issue tracker organised to itemise and flag tasks that would be suitable for beginners. So please be a self-starter.

While getting started and following orientation, become familiar with parts of the system that stir your interest. Follow that module’s README introduction and documentation. At the end there should be a link to its section of the issue tracker. See if it has any open issues that you could assist with, either by fixing it and sending a pull request, or even by adding issue comments about your further investigation.

The Guidelines for FOLIO issue tracker encourage to report various issues.

The FOLIO Technical Council has a list of current Technical Skills in Demand.