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For server-side projects that utilise RAML or OpenAPI (OAS), use the tool api-doc to generate API documentation from its API description files and schema and examples.

The tool is available for use during FOLIO Continuous Integration builds, and also for local use prior to commit. Currently RAML 1.0 and OAS 3.0 are handled.


For use during FOLIO CI builds, refer to the GitHub Workflows configuration section below. Note that the project should also use “api-lint” which utilises the same configuration for the properties apiTypes, apiDirectories, etc.)

For local use, clone the “folio-tools” repository parallel to clones of back-end project repositories, and use its api-doc facility. Refer to that document for local installation instructions.


The Python script will search the configured directories to find relevant API description files, and will process each file to generate the API documentation representation.

Where the main options are:

  • -t,--types – The type of API description files to search for. Required. Space-separated list. One or more of: RAML OAS
  • -d,--directories – The list of directories to be searched. Required. Space-separated list.
  • -e,--excludes – List of additional sub-directories and/or files to be excluded (so that the tool will only discover top-level root API description files). Optional. Space-separated list. By default it excludes certain well-known directories (such as raml-util examples headers parameters). Use the option --loglevel debug to report what is being excluded.

Don’t quote a space-separated list. Correct: -e examples headers. Wrong: -e "examples headers". Wrong: "-e examples headers".

See help for the full list (including the default output directory):

python3 ../folio-tools/api-doc/ --help

Example for RAML:

cd $GH_FOLIO/mod-courses
python3 ../folio-tools/api-doc/ \
  -t RAML \
  -d ramls

Example for OAS:

cd $GH_FOLIO/mod-eusage-reports
python3 ../folio-tools/api-doc/ \
  -t OAS \
  -d src/main/resources/openapi \
  -e examples headers

Example for both RAML and OpenAPI (OAS), i.e. when preparing for transition:

cd $GH_FOLIO/mod-foo
python3 ../folio-tools/api-doc/ \
  -t RAML OAS \
  -d ramls src/main/resources/oas

GitHub Workflows

All relevant back-end repositories are now configured to use GitHub Workflows for the API-related tasks. See the .github/workflows directory and the “Actions” UI tab.

The configuration properties are further described as comments in each workflow file.

Note the workflows only operate when there is a file change commit in their API descriptions directory.

For a new project repository, follow the implementations for a similar repository. (All were done via FOLIO-3678). Some example PRs:

Occasionally verify that your workflow files are up-to-date (e.g. for the versions of dependent “actions”). Compare with the default files at folio-org/.github/workflow-templates.


NOTE: Using api-doc via Jenkins is deprecated. All relevant back-end repositories are now using GitHub Workflows for API-related operations.