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The on-line API documentation explains the data that modules expect and return on their APIs. The associated list of endpoints will also assist.

Get help in the FOLIO Slack #learning-apis channel.

To connect to the APIs there are several software options:


The Okapi Guide has detailed examples and explanations how to use APIs with command-line tool curl.


The okapi-curl is a shell script that wraps curl.

Okapi CLI

The okapi-cli is a command-line interface written in Java.


The is a command-line interface written in Python.

Stripes CLI

The stripes-cli is a command-line interface written in JavaScript that can connect to back-end APIs and help front-end developers that use FOLIO’s User Interface framework Stripes.


The folio-api-tests Github repository contains Postman collections for the APIs of some FOLIO modules. Use them with Postman or Newman.


HTTPie has a command-line tool and also a user interface.