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GitHub new developer

For new developers, we ask that a project manager (see Team vs module responsibility matrix) or at least a known existing developer, makes this request.

They need to either request on the #devops Slack channel, or raise a FOLIO DevOps Jira ticket (especially with a group of new people, e.g. FOLIO-2880.)

Provide the GitHub username (i.e. account name) of the new developer, so that we can be absolutely sure that we are inviting the correct person. Provide a link to their GitHub profile page.

Specify which GitHub Teams to be allocated.

The new developer will need to follow the email and accept the invitation.

GitHub team access

Note that we try to steer clear of managing GitHub access for individuals. Instead allocate access for a whole Team to a repository.

Please clearly specify which team and which repository. It is more efficient for DevOps when you provide links to the team and repos.