The FOLIO wiki contains the project roadmap.

Collaboration tools

The discussion area and mailing lists for the FOLIO project is via Discuss at:

Real-time chat is via Slack at: (join here first).

The issue/bug tracking system is at:

Source code is on GitHub:

The Wiki has many documentation resources, and the Special Interest Group (SIG) spaces:

See guidelines about using each.

Community representatives

The FOLIO community consists of many significant contributors. Among them are community representatives which include:

  • Sebastian Hammer, Index Data
  • Christopher Spalding, EBSCO
  • Michael Winkler, OLE

Engineering teams

The FOLIO developer community consists of:

  • Index Data, which leads the technical development of the FOLIO software
  • Several software engineering teams
  • Contributing developers from the community
  • Many supporting individuals whose contributions feed into and guide the development process

Here we list the engineering roles and contacts for the various parts of the project. Team members can be contacted via the collaboration tools listed above.

Engineering core team

The engineering core team sets strategic direction for technical architecture in the FOLIO software:

  • Sebastian Hammer (project lead)
  • Nassib Nassar (project lead - technical)
  • Jakub Skoczen (technical project manager)
  • Adam Dickmeiss
  • Vince Bareau
  • Peter Murray (community)

Subproject core teams

Several components of the FOLIO software are distinct subprojects and have a core team of software engineers with commit-level access to the source code repositories. Each subproject generally has a lead developer who is responsible for selecting new core team members from the community.

  • okapi: Adam Dickmeiss (lead), Heikki Levanto, Jakub Skoczen, John Malconian, David Crossley
  • mod-auth, mod-users: Kurt Nordstrom (lead)
  • mod-metadata: Marc Johnson (lead), Ian Ibbotson, Jakub Skoczen
  • mod-acquisitions: shale, Julian Ladisch
  • mod-circulation, mod-configuration: shale
  • raml-module-builder: shale, Adam Dickmeiss, Julian Ladisch
  • raml: shale, Adam Dickmeiss
  • stripes-core: Niels Erik Nielsen, Jason Skomorowski, Mike Taylor, John Coburn
  • stripes-components: John Coburn (lead)
  • stripes-connect: Jason Skomorowski, Mike Taylor, Niels Erik Nielsen
  • stripes-loader: Jason Skomorowski (lead)
  • stripes-sample-platform: Jason Skomorowski (lead)
  • okapi-stripes: Wolfram Schneider (lead)
  • ui-users: Mike Taylor, Niels Erik Nielsen, Jason Skomorowski, John Coburn, Matt Connolly, Jeremy Huff
  • ui-items: Mike Taylor
  • ui-okapi-console: Mike Taylor, Niels Erik Nielsen
  • cql2pgjson-java: Julian Ladisch (lead)
  • container-perf-tests: Adam Dickmeiss (lead), Jakub Skoczen
  • folio-sample-modules: Heikki Levanto (lead), Niels Erik Nielsen
  • folio-ansible: Wayne Schneider (lead), John Malconian
  • David Crossley (lead)


There are many ways to contribute to FOLIO development, for example:

  • Contributing directly to the software development.
  • Engaging with the issue tracker.
  • Joining the conversations.
  • Participating in Special Interest Groups.